Stockholm Syndrome – Adapting to Survive

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survivors are in the relationship they cannot see what is happening to them. Being labelled "co-dependent" is unhelpful. And judgemental. One of the questions survivors are asked time and time again is "Why didn't you leave?". If the question is being asked then the door for education has been opened widely.

When your Narcissist is an Addict

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In many ways, it's easier, because you have a label/certain expectations/a state of alertness. Just as you may have engaged in maladaptive behaviours to manage your own distress, so has the addict. However, at some stage, it got out of hand. They never intended to become an addict but it happened. They are are broken in their own way and this is not the place to speculate as to how they find peace. Our work here is to keep you safe and manage your way out of the darkness. If you are both drowning , one of you will get pushed under.

What Is Narcissistic Abuse?

The term “narcissist” peppers many an everyday conversation as an indication of someone being self-serving, vain or self-important.  It is trivial in this context.   The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5) takes us to the dark side.  It defines a narcissistic person (with NPD) as someone who has a grandiose sense of self, believes they are special or unique in an ultimate way, lacks empathy, is emotionally exploitative, is deeply envious of others, is entitled and is preoccupied with fantasies of brilliance and unlimited power.