Note to Self

This is a bold post asking you to consider your part in the relationship or situation. If you acknowledge your part and take responsibility, you can change. In many ways this is your superpower.

When The Narcissist is Your Parent

photo of woman carrying baby

This is the deepest wound.  As a therapist, I feel this requires the most focussed of work.  NA by a parent creates confusion and self-doubt.  It results in a an exceptional brokenness of the person.   There is cognitive dissonance.  Leon Festinger* identified this state as one where your set of beliefs contradict how you feel. So, you know your parents love you (they tell you) and that they look after you (you have a home/food) but you feel anxious/scared/unsafe, around them.  

A Perfect Murder

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Make no mistake, narcissistic abuse kills. Not in any obvious way, of course. It's cowardly. It's usually without distinctive evidence. It's smoke and mirrors. As with the narcissist, it's disguised. In terms of demise it may present as liver failure, pneumonia, cirrhosis, addiction, an eating disorder, depression, or another form of neglected health.