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Liar, liar…

Your narcissist owes you nothing. Their sense of entitlement invariably results in a “what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine” mentality. It also results in a loathing of accountability. They are above that.

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Stockholm Syndrome – Adapting to Survive

survivors are in the relationship they cannot see what is happening to them. Being labelled “co-dependent” is unhelpful. And judgemental. One of the questions survivors are asked time and time again is “Why didn’t you leave?”. If the question is being asked then the door for education has been opened widely.

Note to Self

This is a bold post asking you to consider your part in the relationship or situation. If you acknowledge your part and take responsibility, you can change. In many ways this is your superpower.

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Mirror, Mirror: Narcissists and Envy

Narcissists are pathologically envious. You’d like to think they’d be pleased when you get that promotion or win the award but any perceived threat to their status as the only one deserving of attention, ever, is noted and brutally dealt with.


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